I knew you would come

Jim and Philip did everything together when they were kids. They even went to high school and college together. After college they joined the marines together. They were both sent to Germany, where they fought side by side in one of history’s ugliest wars.

During a fierce battle, they were given the command to retreat. As the men were running back, Jim noticed that Philip hadn’t returned with the others. Jim begged his commanding officer to let him go after his friend, but the officer forbade the request, saying it would be suicide.

Jim disobeyed and went after Philip. His heart pounding, he ran into the gunfire, calling out for Philip. A short time late, his platoon saw him hobbling across the field carrying a limp body in his arms. The commanding officer shouted at Jim for his outrageous risk. “Your friend is dead,” he said. “There was nothing you could do.”

“No sir,” Jim replied. “I got there just in time. Before Philip died, he said, ‘I knew you would come’.”

– John C. Maxwell and Dan Reiland,
The Treasure of a Friend

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